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Had another great question posed by a reader the other day, so I thought I might answer it and share my thoughts:

Question: How did you find time for school and then your lacrosse career

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First off, this is an awesome question. When I first arrived to college someone told me, “Academics, Athletics, Social Life: Pick Two.” Four years later, I finally understood what they meant. It’s not that you literally can’t have all three, but you can’t do all three to the highest level. In college, much like in life, you have to make sacrifices. Sure, you can party hard with the rest of the student population, but chances are that either your academics or athletic career will suffer. Devote all of your energy to lacrosse, and you’ll be giving up late nights with friends or in the library. Become a bookworm and well… let’s just say you might toasting with some fictional book characters or miss hitting up a wall after practice.

Fact of the matter is college offers a lot of opportunities. More opportunities than you have time for. So that is where this lovely saying comes into play. You can totally do all three, but to truly excel (Cum Laude, All-American or Head Party Planner, etc), you can really only choose two. One will ultimately end up on the backburner, still in your life, but not as prominent as the others.

So, to answer this question, I made the decision to focus on Academics and Athletics. My first semester was full of me trying to balance all three, but ultimately I decided I wanted a solid degree after I graduated and I wanted to be the best lacrosse player I could be during college. Once I made that decision, I committed to it. I organized and prioritized and went from there. Classes, study hall, practices and rehabilitation all came first. After that, studying on my own, shooting with friends and extra work with coaches came next. With whatever time I had left, I chose to either nap (often), hang with friends, or on some occasions head out to some social scene.

If there are three things I can give away as advice it would be this: 1) Commit to what is important to you. 2) Prioritize based on your commitment. 3) Organize your schedule so you are using your time most efficiently.

Happy Laxing!

-Liz Hogan
2Lacrosse Founder and Owner

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