Tuesday Tips- Writing The Perfect Recruiting E-Mail

So you’ve narrowed down your list of schools you want to attend, and now you want to get in touch with those coaches. What next? Writing an email! Below our 5 awesome tips to get you started on your recruiting adventure.


  1. Locate the Coaches Email- Almost all coaches will have their email listed on the athletics site. Look for tabs like “Staff Directory” or under the “Coaches” Tab of the lacrosse page. If it’s not listed, chances are they may have a specific recruiting email address they want you to use. Don’t DIG for an email. The last thing some coaches want is you emailing their personal work account.
  2. List your Team Name, Grad Year and Position in the Subject Line- This makes it SO much easier for college coaches and easily identifiable when they’re going back through the emails.
  3. PERSONALIZE IT- Even if you’re using a template, make sure (and double check!) to use a the correct coach’s name and school. Some coaches won’t take it personally, but others will cross you off if you use the wrong name/school or just send a mass email. They want to feel like you’ve done your homework and aren’t wasting their time, either.
  4. Remember, this is an INTRODUCTION- Coaches don’t have time to ready 5 paragraphs about your life story. Include the most important details about yourself and highlight essentials. This includes information about you such as Name, Grad Year, Position (you’d be surprised how many student-athletes actually FORGET to list their position), team, coach contact, and basic high school information. Coaches DO NOT need a long biography and history of every academic and athletic award received.
  5. Where you will be playing (and with who!)- If you know where you’ll be playing this Spring/Summer, include a list of the tournaments/camps and what specific team you’ll be playing with. If you’re a goalie and you know you’ll only be playing certain halves or games, be sure to include that as well. You do not need to include a complete schedule for each tournament, however! Coaches have access to the schedule and will know how to find your team.

And that’s it! Introductory emails are just that. If you provide all of the above information, coaches will make sure to see you play and get in contact with your club/HS coaches (whoever you have listed) if they have any further questions. Be sure not to bombard coaches every week, but do keep in contact, updating them every quarter or so with your progress. If you’re looking into academic heavy schools, consider attaching any test scores and/or HS transcripts as they will likely play an important role in recruiting.

Happy Recruiting!

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