Tuesday Tips- How to Take Care of Yourself

Welcome to goalie world… home of the biggest and bruises. As goalies, we see them as battle wounds, we show them off to our friends and take pride in the black and blue. Just because we get them often though, doesn’t mean we should ignore our bruises. Here are some tips to take care of even the worst bruises:


  1. ICE, ICE, ICE- Within the first 24-48hrs of getting hit with a bad shot, you should make sure you ice the area on and off for intervals of 15 minutes with a towel or thin protective layer between the ice and your skin[1]. Rest the area if you can, and if possible, elevate the limb that is affected.
  2. Compress- Using a compression sleeve or bandage, wrap the area where the bruise it. Similar to elevation, this will prevent the bruise from draining down into your leg and creating a longer healing process [2].
  3. Rub it out- After the 48 hours of icing, you may notice that your bruise starts to become hard from all of the platelets and blood cells allocated to help it heal. Keep the circulation fresh by gently rubbing on it and preventing the “crunchies” and calcium deposits. It should be uncomfortable but not HURT. Often times AT’s will use ultrasound to help with this. [3]
  4. PREVENTION- Okay.. so shin guards are not cool. But if you have a tendency to get hit in a certain spot over and over again, it is wise to have your AT or someone create a guard for you. The less time you spend in the training room, the better. Don’t be afraid to protect your body, at least during practices, if need be.
  5. Get your stick to the ball- Just kidding. This is obvious and we can’t always get our stick to the ball. But repetition is key to making more saves AND to not get hit. If you’re all bruised up, use tennis balls or practice the fundamentals at slower speeds!

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