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As most know, August is a time many lax players, coaches and fans alike take some time for some much needed rest. Especially while the Olympics are going on, it’s normal to ask yourself if you really need this time to rest. Shouldn’t you been out laxing, 24/7 and getting ahead of the competition?

While your brain might be telling you that there is no off-season, fact of the matter is, even the more ELITE athletes take time off. Usually anywhere from 2-6 weeks, in fact! While they don’t go off of the deep end and head first into potato chips and beer, many do try to take a 100% break from their sport and lax their diet a little bit. This means active recoveries, enjoying different kinds of sports, eating that coveted dessert more often, and in general taking a moment to breathe.

As we enjoy our August off, we hope that you are taking some time to yourself too. Re-energize before your fall sports begin, school work kicks in, and your head is spinning with stress. Just as important as it is to train, rest is also crucial. Check out these articles below for examples on how even the best kick it every once in a while!








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