How to Get Warm Before You Cool Off- Tuesday Tips

With winter coming right around, it’s easy to look outside and think there’s no way you can go out and lax. Rest assured young lax rats, there is an answer! From my playing days at Syracuse, I found there were a lot of ways to stay warm when it starts to cool off. Check out this edition of Tuesday Tips!

  1. Layer Up Right- With all of the technology out there today, there is no excuse not to wear light but extra warm layers. Companies like Nike and Under Armour make tights for both your top and bottom that are super warm but also very unrestricted. It’s important not just to stay warm for your own sanity, but also so that your muscles can perform optimally.
  2. Disposable Latex Gloves- Ok, this may seem silly, but give it a shot. Latex gloves, like those that doctors use, actually lock in the heat and keep your hands ridiculously warm. Careful though, they will cause you to sweat, and if you take them off mid game, you may find they cool down quicker than expected. Despite being disposable, many will actually last you a couple games, so flip them inside out and reuse the next time it is chilly out!
  3. Vaseline- So, many people use Vaseline to prevent blisters but it also serves as another great purpose- to protect your face from harsh winds! Lather up before the game on any areas of skin that are exposed to the elements and you’ll find you won’t look quite like rudolph so quickly!
  4. Don’t Forget You Ears- Whether you’re wearing a helmet or not, oftentimes we forget about our ears. Use a thin ear warmer, whether it has a band or just a cover, to make sure they stay warm. Some people like to tape over their ear holes, but we’ve found this makes it difficult to hear. Thin but warm material goes a long ways and allows you to still hear your coach!
  5. Deodorant- We admit, this sounds a bit bizarre, but when you think about it what’s worse than a cold sweat? Nothing. Use your antiperspirant on areas like your feet to prevent them from sweating and getting cold. You won’t believe how much warmer your feet feel.

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