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Letting a goal in isn’t always easy. Neither is losing. We’ve discussed how to move on from having a goal being scored on you here on but but how do you get up the morning after a big loss? Here are Three Tips to get over it and own today.


1. 24-Hour Rule

This is a simple rule, but one often overlooked. After a big loss, or win for that matter, give yourself 24-hours to embrace the moment. Don’t let others tell you “It’s ok.” or “It’s not your fault.” and soak it in. Fact of the matter is, you lost. OWN IT. Not only is it natural to feel down about losing, it’s also healthy. Your body knows how to heal itself, and losing is one of those instances where you should let your body do its work. Suppressing emotions is never a good idea. By suppressing emotions following a loss, you risk having those come back up. Choking later on. Everyone loses, but you have control with how you deal with it. Just make sure you put a time cap on it. While big losses hurt, and epic wins are fun, don’t let either control your life for longer than one day. There is work to be done.

2. Failure and Feedback

With every setback, we inevitably have an opportunity to learn something. Treat each loss, each failure, as an opportunity to receive free education. Just like after a goal, visualize what happened. Replay a few instances in your mind’s eye and feel everything from your emotions to every muscle in your body. What went wrong? What went right? It’s important to relive the moment to truly understand where you can improve. Once you find areas that didn’t go as planned, create a plan to correct them. Execute, make your weaknesses your strengths.

3. Process over Outcome

Remember that even the losses are a part of the process to getting where we want to be. Don’t focus on the outcome of one game, one loss, one moment. You had a bad day, not a bad career. The process in which you continue to grow, is far more important than any one individual outcome. Keep focus on the bigger picture, on your goals and aspirations. Use your feedback, your natural competitive instinct, and get back out there. The sun will come out tomorrow, so pick yourself up, dust it off, and put one foot in front of the other. The fun has just begun… and after all, isn’t that why we play the game anyways?

Own Today.


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Our mission is to use mental and physical training to help our athletes succeed not only as players, but as people off of the field as well. We live by 2 basic principles: Be Fearless, Never Stop Learning.

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