F4F- How To Make It To The Pros

img_5306Had a great question asked to us the other day by Nicole about the UWLX and how to get to the next level as a keeper-

“From a keepers stand point, what does it take to try out for UWLX and is it possible for someone who lives on the west coast to make a team?”

It’s a great question and one we wanted to tackle for our weekly Five For Friday (F4F).


  1. Speed up the game. Whether it’s with small sided games (3v3) or something like speed lacrosse (learn more here), you’re going to want to get a lot of reps. The UWLX allows movement on the whistle and there is a shot clock, so you’re opponents are going to have the ball a lot more often. One of the best way to get game like reps is to play smaller sided games. Speed Lacrosse is awesome because you’ll see a lot of shots and not have to worry about the rubber ball.
  2. Wall ball ’til your arms fall off. Since the shot clock starts on any possession, it is IMPERATIVE you can outlet the ball quickly and accurately. You may still have your 10 seconds in the crease, but you’re just carving that much time away from your attack. Not to mention, with the restraining line being the 50, you have a lot more room to jump start the offense for your team!
  3. Play with the boys. A unique aspect to the UWLX is the 2 point shot. Opponents can shoot from the 8m on out and if you let it in, it’s 2 points instead of one. If you have a men’s team, jump in goal against them. Not only is it good to mix it up and see a different release point with the deeper sticks, you’ll also face more shots from the outside that will get you ready for the pros.
  4. Get in shape. Not only are the field players running around more with no stopping on the whistle, as a goalie you can also be an intrical part of the clear and even defense. The more you are in shape, the better you’ll perform. You don’t have to run miles, but being able to turn on the jets and recover quickly is essential.
  5. HAVE FUN. One the best things about the UWLX is that it is a free flowing, creative game of lacrosse. There’s more space with 6v6 and everyone is out there to push their own boundaries. Don’t be afraid to clear it BTB or laugh a little. After all, the more loose you are, the better you’ll perform anyways.

Last, OF COURSE you can make it if you’re from the west coast! There are plenty of players that live in California or Washington. The UWLX knows no boundaries, they simply want the best players to play the game- so get out there and practice, looking forward to seeing you in the league one day, Nicole!



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