F4F- Anything But the Lax Stick

Sometimes, it’s good to put the lacrosse stick down and just use your hands. Not to mention, there are so many other sports out there that use a ball as well, that you can get creative in your training with them! Below are 5 different ways to use 5 different balls in your lacrosse training!

  1. Basketball- Simply have a partner chest pass you the ball to every save location. Using a larger ball allows you to focus on getting your hands out to catch the ball and dedicate more energy¬†to your footwork throughout the save. It’s also a good way for beginners to learn the basics of the save without having to worry about “catching” the ball.
  2. Football- An oddly shaped ball and nothing like a lacrosse ball, sure, but what is great about a football is that it forces you to learn how to throw properly (you can tell by the spin on the ball). Don’t just throw with your strong hand, work your weak hand, too. Furthermore, it’s awesome to learn how to flip your hands over for low and off stick saves. It’s a little more natural and having a partner throw you low/off hip passes will allow you to figure out where your hinge point is.
  3. Tennis Balls- Tennis balls are a great training to use when you’re beat up. You can take a ton of reps with them and not worry about the impact really affecting your body like a lacrosse ball. Not to mention, you can easily write numbers and letters on them for practice with tracking the ball. Have a partner toss you the ball and call out the number/letter before it gets to you. Use your bare hand to catch it.
  4. Golf Whiffle Balls- These can often be found in the golf section or are sometimes labeled as practice baseball. These little golf ball sized whiffle balls are great for hand-eye coordination training. Use your hand or small stick when training and see them truly all the way from point of release to save.
  5. Baseball/Softball- Sounds odd, but use a mitt on your dominant hand (so you’ll have to find a “lefty” glove if you’re right handed), and practice making saves with it. This works similar to lacrosse stick in that you make the save above your hand, not directly to it. Furthermore, having to throw it back to your partner with your weak hand will force you to work on throwing with it!

Have any great ways to use other types of balls? Comment below!

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