Grow The Game

2Lacrosse Owner discusses growing the game in this article of local newspaper: By Danny Linsner Posted Jun. 14, 2016 at 11:56 AM Canandaigua, N.Y. When Liz Hogan was a junior high student at Victor, she caught the lacrosse bug and wanted to badly to play on the modified team. The problem? Victor didn’t have a modified girls lacrosse team. […]

UWLX: A Chance to Leave a Legacy

Have you Checked out Liz Hogan’s (2Lacrosse Founder) blog for USLacrosse? If not, make sure you check it out TODAY! Article and link below:   Team USA’s Liz Hogan was a first-round pick of the Boston Storm in the inaugural United Women’s Lacrosse League (UWLX) draft. The league opens play this weekend at the US Lacrosse Women’s National Tournament at […]

My Favorite Drill

The question of this week is a good one! Question: What is your favorite drill? Answer: One of my all time favorite drills I learned from Maggie Koch when I was a freshman at Syracuse. I’ve never been bad at clearing, having transitioned from softball I felt like I had a good grasp on the mechanics behind a basic throw, […]

Sitting on the Bench

This is a fantastic article from about learning to ride the pine. You have two choices in life, either sit and pout about it, or work hard and learn from it. Cheri Ward chose to learn from it. Whether you’re a field player or the backup goalie, this is a must read. Cheri Ward is a 1999 graduate […]